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Mish Shedlock on fed reserve & rate hikes & Marshall Auerback on euro recovery

Our lead story: Pfizer last proposed a deal for the company valued at $120 billion. However, under UK takeover rules, AstraZeneca was able to run out the clock on Monday’s deadline for reaching an agreement. The decision ends a month long public fight between two of the world's biggest pharmaceutical companies. Erin takes a look.

Then, Edward sits down with blogger Mike “Mish” Shedlock of Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis. Shedlock discusses US Treasury yields, whether or not we are seeing an economic recovery in the US, and if the Fed is going to hike rates. After the break, Erin brings you her interview with Marshall Auerback who discusses Europe’s so-called competitiveness problem, the European Central Bank, and the need for credit writedowns in Europe.

And in Today’s Big Deal, Edward Harrison and Erin talk about Google Fiber and what role it plays in the ongoing net neutrality battle between internet content creators and internet service providers.

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