​Paying rent to Blackstone? & Endogenous Money w/Cullen Roche & Frances Coppola

Our lead story: According to investment bank Keefe, Bruyette & Woods, institutional investors have spent over $20 billion acquiring more than 130,000 homes nationwide. One of the bigger players in this market is Blackstone. The massive multinational financial services firm has bet billions on the housing recovery. So what is Blackstone like as a landlord? Erin takes a look.

Then we explore the themes of endogenous money, the banking system, and the Eurozone with Cullen Roche and Frances Coppola. Cullen Roche believes that we could see the European Central Bank come in and start quantitative easing in Europe. Frances Coppola believes that this QE chatter at the ECB is all talk and no substance.

For today’s Big Deal, Edward Harrison sits down with Erin to talk about the US government’s attempt to peer into the dark side of the internet. What does that mean for virtual currencies? Tune in to find out.

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