Wisconsin protests, future of the unions in the US

­Focus on the Wisconsin Protests. More information is starting to leak out about who's behind the efforts to squash unions, here's a hint it involves the Koch Brothers. Thom talks with Adele Stan, Washington Bureau Chief at Alternet and Alex Seitz-Wald, Reporter and Blogger at Think Progress. Also the protests over busting unions is spreading. Thom discussed how union workers and their supporters are spreading out across the U.S. targeting politicians who want to take away collective bargaining rights. Thom spoke with Brad Johnson from ThinkProgress.org.

And what does the future hold for unions here in the US? Over the last two decades union membership has declined significantly across the country, but can this power grab by the GOP actually spur an increase in union members? Thom talks with with Mattie Corrao, the Government Affairs Manager at Americans for Tax Reform.