Day 9 in Wisconsin budget, army psy-ops

­Thom talks with Bill Scher from the Campaign for America’s Future and Zaid Jilani from about the latest in the Wisconsin union battle. Then, Thom debates with conservative commentator TJ McCormack on whether or not budget cuts are putting lives at risk. Later, Thom digs into the latest news that the army tried to use mind control against US Senators to get more funding for the Afghan War with Stephen Walt from Foreign Policy Magazine. And then, Thom looks into some crazy prospective laws out of Tennessee and Georgia. Bill Keller from Bill Keller Ministries weighs in on Tennessee making a law against Sharia Law and Sam Bennett from the Women’s Campaign Forum discusses a Georgia bill that would force women to prove their miscarriages happened naturally, or face felony charges. And finally, a Daily Take on how paying more at the pump may actually be good for the United States.