UK burning

­The “Arab Spring” has given way to the “European Summer”, as London police try to gain ground against a young group of protesters angry at the UK government. Thom talks to Victoria Jones, international correspondent at Talk Radio News, about how this scenario could very well play out in the US. Then it’s all about the jobs! While President Obama tries to put America back on stable financial ground, his loudest critics keep reminding him to focus on job creation and not austerity measures. Plus it’s judgment day in Wisconsin, where six Republican state senators could be out of jobs. That’s if voters can see past corporate dollars from billionaire donors. Then more lessons learned from the Fukushima nuclear disaster. A new scathing report indicates Japanese government officials ignored high radiation levels from the Fukushima plant. Thom explains why energy should be considered part of the basics such as food, water and education in order to avoid disastrous situations like Fukushima.