The Big Picture: Episode 2

Millions of people in France are protesting against the government's plans to raise the retirement age, because Europeans understand something that we Americans are clueless about: increased competition in the labor force means lower wages for everyone. Thom has a solution for President Sarkozy, a "Cash for Geezers" program. the SEIU wants homeowners to ask the banks "Where is the note?". Find out how to protect yourself against fraudulent foreclosures. And, the Obama administration says it is against the military's Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy, but refuses to take definitive action to give gays in America the basic rights enjoyed by everyone else, including the right to marriage. Thom asks the president of the National Organization for Marriage to join him in a call for reparations for gays. All of this, plus Thom's take on the rest of the day's headlines on Wednesday's edition of The Big Picture.