The Big Picture: Episode 10

As unemployment continues to rise in the U.S., the average income of the wealthiest Americans increased five-fold from 2009 to over $500 million. Thom talks to a Pulitzer prize-winning journalist who says the government is to blame for the ridiculous income gap. Also, a Kentucky woman went to a rally for Rand Paul with a message, and left with a concussion after she was knocked to the ground and endured stomping on her head by Rand Paul campaign coordinator, Tim Profitt. And a new ad paints a bleak picture of a future run by Republicans. Thom discusses if so-called "civil discourse" in the Tea Party is really all that civil. Plus, it may be too early to give up hope on President Obama. Thom talks to a Contributing Editor at Rolling Stone Magazine who makes the case for Obama. Finally, Gold's Gym made a significant donation to Karl Rove's Political Action Committee, but one gym owner is trying to jet from the company.