New GOP Leaders; Trade Gap Between the US and China; Obamacare

­On The Big Picture Thom Hartmann has a meet and greet with new Republican Chairmen in the House of Representatives.
These will be the people in charge of crafting legislation next year for the 112th Congress. But many people may find their agenda is not in line with the majority of Americans. Also new figures on our nation's trade deficits are out – with mixed results. It looks like the harmful trade gap is growing with a major economic player in the far East. Thom talks with Eamonn Fingleton and Jane Hamsher. And a federal judge in Virginia became the first judge in the country to rule that President Obama's health reform law is unconstitutional. So does that mean a date with the Supreme Court is now set? Thom debates Carrie Lukas is the Executive Director at the "Independent Women's Forum."