Julian Assange in Prison, DREAM Act, Organ Wagons

­Julian Assange is behind bars in London today charged with sex crimes in Sweden. Thom talks with Vince Warren with the Center for Constitutional Rights about what lies ahead for the founder of WikiLeaks. Then, recent polling shows over 60% of Americans support passage of the DREAM Act, yet Senate Republicans and some moderate Democrats have already vowed to strike the bill down when it arrives for a vote. Thom talks with former Congressman Tom Tancredo about the DREAM Act and how real immigration reform is needed in the U.S.. Finally, a duo of New York City EMT's have launched a program to streamline collection of organs from recently deceased people through monitoring of 911 calls. While this may seem a little suspicious, thousands in the U.S. have already died because a transplant organ was not available. Thom talks with Wesley Smith of the Discovery Institute about this new program.