Dow drops, fund the FAA, ALEC exposed

­Two days after the debt limit deal, the Dow Jones takes a major dive. Thom talks to economist Max Fraad Wolff about these uncertain financial times and who is really to blame for the stock markets crashing. Republicans have learned to play hostage takers. This time they’ve partially shut down the FAA. Paul Rinaldi, president of the National Air Traffic Controllers Association, talks about how politics is affecting thousands of union workers and the country. Then, the shadowy, non-profit organization known as ALEC is meeting with movers and shakers in New Orleans. Reporter and blogger Lee Fang discusses his rough encounter with officials and what’s happening at the ALEC convention. Then Thom explains the link between water, evolution and the first great migration in the new “Geek Science” segment.  Plus talking turkey gets heated on tonight’s show.