Wisconsin Budget Showdown, US Uncut

Thom debates Phil Kerpen from Americans for Prosperity on why the Koch Brothers are making it their business to get involved in the Wisconsin labor dispute.  Then, Thom explains what else is in Gov. Scott Walker's arsenal against working and middle class Wisconsinites besides taking away union collective bargaining rights.

Later, Thom discusses big corporations tax evasion with Johann Hari, contributor to the Nation Magazine and Ryan Clayton from U.S. Uncut.  Thom asks if Americans are now adopting European reactions to austerity measures adopted there recently.  Then, Thom talks about President Obama's endorsement of a state opt-out mandate added to his health care plan by Sens. Ron Wyden (D-OR) and Scott Brown (R-MA) with Ron Pollock, The Executive Director of Families USA.  And finally, the Daily Take on what Gadaffi has to do with Wisconsin.