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Binging away 2020: Has your TV been watching YOU?

A year in home isolation has fueled copious hours of streaming. But while we’ve been glued to our smart TVs, have THEY been watching US? Legal and media analyst Lionel discusses whether your living room centerpiece could in fact be surveilling you. The FTC refunds nearly half a billion dollars to identity theft victims. Attorney and professor Steven Weisman explains how to file a claim if you’ve been swindled by Covid-era scammers. One month following Trump’s departure from Washington, is the Republican Party at war with itself? Radio commentator Jon Elliott and ‘Eat the Press’ host Steve Malzberg exchange viewpoints over the trajectory of a post-Trump Capitol Hill. Do you know where your tax dollars are going? A watchdog group tags superfluous federal expenditures with #WasteOfTheDay… but let’s leave local infrastructure out of it, shall we?

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