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Covid checkpoint: Gov't & businesses still treading water

Six months into the greatest pandemic in a century, Covid-19 has re-shaped every aspect of American business. As commercial spaces struggle to pay rent while metropolitan areas empty, Boom Bust co-host Ben Swann explains the trajectory of the corporate world. Also, when all is said and done in the way of government relief packages and stimulus checks, how exactly can Uncle Sam foot the bill? And can we withstand the possibility of a "twin-demic" as we hurtle toward flu season? Plus, an update on gun ownership in the U.S. as firearm sales have doubled since March.

The November election is fast-approaching, and President Trump's rhetoric suggests a clampdown on what he calls "anarchist jurisdictions." Eat the Press host Steve Malzberg and communications specialist Claire Meyerhoff offer their asymmetric viewpoints on how Trump shapes up in the lead-up to November 2020.

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