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Cash-driven opioid manufacturers FACING THE MUSIC

Holland Cooke sits down with addiction medicine specialist Dr John Dombrowski to discuss medical practices relating to the over-prescription of opioids. While pharmaceutical companies may be motivated by sales, how big a part do actual physicians and pharmacists play in the ongoing addiction crisis that is killing over 100 Americans EVERY DAY?

Then, legal journalist Mollye Barrows breaks down what Oxycontin manufacturer Purdue Pharma’s bankruptcy filing and the recent $572 million settlement against Johnson & Johnson mean for drug manufacturers moving forward. Is this the beginning of the end for the relentless opioid scourge across the country?

Holland Cooke interviews former US deputy under SECDEF and senior fellow at the Wilson Center, Sherri Goodman, about what climate change means for our national security. Military officials have long classified climate change as a “threat multiplier” that triggers mass migrations, widens schisms between competitors in trade, and exacerbates the physical health of those involved in military operations worldwide.

Then, Rory Varrato of Extinction Rebellion breaks down how special interest groups are halting environmental legislation in its tracks. Because the media appears complicit in their limited coverage of climate change activism, Varrato advocates for non-violent protest to disrupt businesses and institutions as a way to garner attention for the global climate crisis that he claims has moved FAR beyond the stage of prevention.

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