RT America -- November 6, 2015 'Lethal Injustice'

Richard Glossip wouldn’t be alive today without public support – advocate

The controversial case of Richard Glossip, an Oklahoma inmate who has been on death row for more than a decade for a crime he may not have committed, has garnered attention in both traditional and social media thanks to the work of a network of activists and close friends. Anya Parampil speaks with Glossip’s close friend and supporter Kim Van Atta about the case and the death penalty hanging over his head.

One man’s journey from death penalty to new life

In the early 1970s, Lawrence Hayes was sentenced to death for being connected to the murder of a New York City Police Officer, but his sentenced was commuted to 20 years after the Supreme Court banned the death penalty in 1972. RT’s Lindsay France reports on how Hayes handled having his fate change so quickly in such a short span of time.