​Would you like crushing debt with that degree?

Thom talks Israeli PM Netanyahu’s speech before Congress on Wednesday. Naomi Dann from Jewish Voice for Peace talks about the much-debated speech on Iran and nuclear weapons. Karen Davenport of the National Women’s Law Center talks about the Supreme Court hearing arguments in the King v Burwell case and its potential impact on the Affordable Care Act. Jeremy Holden, host of Media Matters Radio, talks about more lies from Bill O’Reilly. Tommy Christopher, White House correspondent at the Daily Banter, talks about the short-term funding extension for the Department of Homeland Security. Mary Anne Franks, associate professor at the University of Miami Law School tells us why Everything we Know is Wrong about revenge porn. Thom gives his Daily Take – Would You Like Crushing Debt with that Degree? Plus, Your Take My Take Live, The Good The Bad and the Very, Very Ugly, and Geeky Science.