​O’Reilly’s Lies, UBS’s Puerto Rico Fail, SCOTUS’ Love for Big Biz and Jeb Bush: Booed at CPAC

In for Thom tonight, America’s Lawyer and host “Ring of Fire” radio, Mike PapantoniO talks with David Pakman of the “David Pakman Show” about new allegations of lies from Bill O’Reilly.

Securities attorney Peter Mougey talks UBS’s bond swindle over the people of Puerto Rico.

Thom gives his take Daily Take on big banks helping rich tax dodgers skirt their bills. David Haynes of the Cochran Firm talks SCOTUS love for big corporations and Thom breaks down how this Supreme Court is the most corporate-friendly in the history of our nation. Richard Eskow talks Jeb Bush as a 2016 candidate, how he’s his “own man,” and how his brother lied America into two of the longest, most expensive wars in U.S. history.