Republicans invented Obamacare 40yrs ago

‘Ring of Fire’ radio’s Mike Papantonio joins Thom to talk about secret interrogation sites in Chicago, the War on Terror at home and Scott Walker’s attack on unions. Tim Karr from Strategy at Free Press talks about the FCC’s decision to treat the internet as a public utility and the corporate impact. Editor-in-Chief at Truthout Maya Schenwar talks over incarceration in America and the growing prison problem. Lynn Stuart Parramore, editor at AlterNet & Reuters, tells us what ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ is really about. Dr. Malik Burnett of Drug Policy Alliance talks legal weed in DC and the future of pot in the US. Thom gives his Daily Take – Republicans invented Obamacare 40 years ago - plus Your Take My Take Live, The Good The Bad and The Very Very Ugly, and Green Report.