Progressives shaped America, why Republicans want to change history books

Thom talks about how Republicans are trying to bring job crushing austerity to the United States. Mark Weisbrot, from the Center for Economic Policy Research (CEPR) talks about the Greeks debt extension with the EU and why austerity is the real economic killer. Jeremy Holden of Media Matters talks about Bill O’Reilly and his Falklands War lies. Martha Kempner of RH Reality Check on ‘Female Viagra’ and why the FDA is blocking it. Herb Hoby, co-editor of ‘The Diary of Malcolm X’, talks Malcolm X’s legacy 50 years after his assassination. Thom debunks pot as a psychotic drug with Paul Armentano from NORML in Everything You Know is Wrong. Plus, Daily Take, The Good, The Bad, and the Very Very Ugly, and Geeky Science.