New Marshall Plan needed in Middle East

In Big Picture Rumble, Thom talks GOP shame game with drug testing for welfare recipients and how it’s costing our economy! Co-Founder of the District Sentinel Sam Sacks, the Daily Caller’s Scott Greer and Jeff Stier from the National Center for Public Policy Research join in. The G-20’s wealth inequality warnings, the rise in unemployment related suicide, the shooting of three Muslim students at UNC, Pres. Obama’s AUMF call, and Japan as the new vacation nation. Then, Dr. Doug Gurian-Sherman and Larissa Walker of the Center for Food Safety talk about the disappearance of the Monarch Butterfly and how pesticides are killing off the species. Sean Dunagan, former DEA Senior Intelligence Research Specialist, talks DC marijuana and what’s next in the legalization process. Plus, Daily Take – New Marshall Plan Needed in the Middle East, and The Good, The Bad, and the Very Very Ugly.