Why mainstream media is silent on SHAFTA

In Big Picture Rumble, Thom talks China Cap and Trade and what the US needs to do at home to help save the plant. Genevieve Wood from the Heritage Foundation, Andrea Miller of Progressive Democrats of America and Bishop Council Nedd II from the Project 21 Black Leadership Network debate President Obama’s 2016 budget, the EPA’s Keystone pipeline smackdown, Sen. Tillis’s anti-hand washing, anti-regulation stand, and ISIS’s execution of a Jordanian pilot and why it all could have been prevented. Matt Wood, from Free Press talks the FCC’s siding with the White House on net neutrality. Rachel Butler of Greenpeace talks about the Koch Bro’s attack on climate change. Also, Daily Take – Why the Mainstream Media is Silent on Shafts - plus Your Take My Take Live, The Good The Bad and The Very Very Ugly, and Crazy Alert.