The myth of Obama moving to the left

In tonight’s Lone Liberal Rumble, Thom debates conservative commentator Kris Ullman and Neil McCabe of and The Washington Mercury respectively. They discuss Joni Ernst’s hypercritical SOTU rebuttal and the GOP’s Spanish-only immigration response, Citizens United 5 years later, Fox News’s faux pas, the Senate Intelligence committee trying to revive the torture and Panetta reports, and TPP – fast tracking jobs out of the country? Investigative journalist at BBC News & the Guardian, Greg Palast talks about Greece’s possible exit from the eurozone. Rick Hind of Greenpeace USA reacts to the State of the Union and pushes for 40 percent pollution reduction by 2025.
Thom’s Daily Take on the myth of President Obama moving to the left, plus “Your Take My Take Live”, Crazy Alert, Green, Report, and The Good, The Bad and The Very Very Ugly.