​Why France can’t afford to make the Bush blunder

In tonight’s show, Thom looks at war in the 21st century and explains why France shouldn’t make the same mistake that President Bush did following 9/11 and other nations throughout the 20th century.

Thom talks with Mike Papantionio, American lawyer and host of “Ring of Fire” radio about the terrorist attack in Paris, Speaker Boehner’s revenge against party turncoats, and payday loans with companies threatening jail time in the United States.
Brendan Fischer, general counsel at the Center for Media and Democracy, talks about Walmart and the Koch brothers tag-teaming against wind energy.
Thom gives his “Daily Take” on protecting our plant from global warming by keeping fossil fuels in the ground, plus “The Good, The Bad, and the Very Very Ugly,” “Crazy Alert,” “Geeky Science,” “Green Report,” and “Your Take My Take Live.”