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What Obama didn't say

On this episode of "The Alyona Show," we will delve into what President Obama’s Afghanistan speech didn’t tell us. Alyona interviews Mark Levine, who sheds some light on the implications of the President’s speech. Then Alyona looks into whether or not it is fair for cities like Pittsburgh, PA to try to get college kids to help pay city worker’s salaries.

Hot on the heels of Obama’s Afghanistan speech is his job summit later this week. Alyona interviews Anthony Randazzo about how effective the summit will be (if at all). Then Alyona takes a look at the next arms race between Russia and United States: the race to arm sea mammals.

Next we upload into the virtual world to try to understand how a man can be charged in a real court for crimes committed in the virtual world. Alyona interviews Terrance O’Brien to try to understand where the virtual world and real world legally collide.