Obama ‘Torturer in Chief’

­There's a new battle that we need to keep an eye on, the human rights battle between the US and China. Both sides are engaging in a tit for tat argument, and the case of Bradley Manning's inhumane treatment is on everyone's minds. But could this push Obama towards a more humane option for Manning? Then, in Libya, attempts to reach a ceasefire have been stalled. We’ll have the latest on the issues all sides are disagreeing on. Next, reports of US soldiers being killed by drones in Afghanistan, but does it take the death of an American, rather than several Afghan civilian deaths, to get the conversation started on the use of drones in war zones? Also, while the government shutdown battle might be over, the war over the debt ceiling and the budget has just begun. And, RT’s Lauren Lyster has the latest from the economic meeting at Bretton Woods over the weekend.