The Alyona Show: Zero Tolerance = 2nd Class Students

A problem with American education system is not only the way students are taught, but also how they're treated. The Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights received almost seven thousand complaints this fiscal year, the largest jump in at least ten years. So why the sudden increase of complaints if disparities have existed for years? Ana Kasparian from The Young Turks explained the ineffectiveness of the Zero Tolerance Policy in schools. She also discussed how these schools are discriminating against students.

Apple wants to put an end to the evils of Sexting. The whole idea behind their new patent is to give parents control over what kind of messages their children receive on their iPods and iPhones by censoring the word, or removing the word from the text altogether. But in an age where children learn technology twice as fast as adults, kids are likely to find a way to work around this censorship.

And, a school district in Ohio decided to cancel all dances, just another example where the moral crusaders of America want to inflict their stale views on everyone else. It all started after photos appeared on Facebook, showing suggestive "dirty dancing" at the high school's recent homecoming that apparently "shocked" the school district. Nick Gillespie, the editor-in-chief of and Reason Magazine talked about how odd it is that schools can’t get over these old ideas. He discussed how politicians are pushing into our private lives.

Then, while everyone was busy watching the circus that was the California Gubernatorial debate between Meg Whitman and Jerry Brown, there was plenty of action off stage including the arrest of Laura Wells, the Green Party candidate for Governor. Wells says she was told she couldn’t enter the building, because of her status as a gubernatorial candidate. So if third party candidates can't even be present at debates, is there any hope for change in our political system? Wells explained how the political system is locked down but in order to counteract this you need time and people. She said she has high hopes for the future where people can be in charge of our democracy rather than corporations.