The Alyona Show: WikiLeaks Media Fail!

US media chose to tackle the WikiLeaks stroy by focusing on the messenger, WikiLeaks, instead of the message and details continued in the documents filled with torture, murders, and war crimes. Christopher Chambers, a Georgetown University professor posed the question, what’s the problem with The New York Times?

And, Abu Graib and Guantanamo Bay became synonymous with illegal torture, but now the US military’s detention facility in Bagram, Afghanistan is joining their ranks and here, US officials are allowed to keep secret key information about hundreds of the detainees. Afghan War veteran Jake Diliberto explained why we should care.

Then, according to Glenn Beck, Mike Huckabee and the rest of the right wing crowd, these yoga-doing, Mad Men watching ‘New Elites’ are out to get you! Sam Seder, a political satirist and commentator explained who the real elites are who are trying to mislead you.

The international space station was launched into space ten years ago this week and is considered the most extreme outer space living quarters ever built. Commercial space pioneer Jeffrey Manber explained how the dependent partnership between US and Russia has worked so well.

And, in a new twist in airline luxury, Air New Zealand plans to offer "Skycouch". They claim the new seats will be perfect for couples who want some extra room or families with small children but they seem more like "Cuddle Seats" and no one wants to see all that PDA. Meanwhile… city leaders in Zurich believe "Sex Cubicles" are the answer to the cities' prostitution problem.

In a sad bit of news, Paul the octopus has passed away from natural causes at two and a half years old. He was found in his tank at the Sea Life Center aquarium where he retired after a string of World Cup soccer predictions. Rest in peace Paul!