The Alyona Show: WikiLeaks Fallout

Even as discussion continued about the WikiLeaks documents, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee held a hearing on the relationship between the Afghan government and the Taliban and the withdrawal strategy. RT Correspondent Kristine Frazao was at the hearing and tells Alyona what senators are saying about withdrawal and what information they’re gathering from experts.

But what's really in the WikiLeaks classified documents? Is it nothing new? The White House and lawmakers have hopped on the mainstream media bandwagon and all of a sudden these leaks aren't such a big deal. Alyona asks military intelligence analyst Joshua Foust if the media and the White House are simply using the excuse of old information to ignore talking about the big picture.

Alyona has something to say about the Supreme Court’s ruling that opens the door for corporations to act in the best interests of their shareholders to buy elections anyway they please. The Senate recently voted on the Disclosure Act, which would require all political ads that are aired independently of a party and candidate to disclose the identity of the ad's funders. What Alyona finds shocking is that Republicans could actually be against this as well as how it doesn't even touch any corporation’s ability to buy elections.

Later, the Bush tax cuts are set to expire next year, and Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said that the Obama administration fully intends to let them lapse. But will taxing the rich more really help the deficit, or will the rich find loopholes? Alyona asks if people would be more willing to pay if a flat tax was implemented. It’s working in Russia, but would it help US? Or make country worse off? Alyona debates with Ryan Ellis, tax policy director at Americans For Tax Reforms and Christian Dorsey, director of External and Government Affairs at the Economic Policy Institute.

And, a church in Florida has signs in front that say, "Islam is of the Devil" and is planning a "burn the Qur'an day" on September 11. Alyona finds out the reason behind this and asks if this is a sign that freedom of religion no longer exists in America. Hani Madhoun, a blogger at Kabobfest and Dr. Terry Jones, senior pastor at Dove World Outreach Center, join Alyona to debate.

Finally, a study out of Australia says women have unrealistic expectations for relationships from watching too many romantic comedies and expect things like flowers, "just because." Another study has found that women on vacation are more likely than men to cheat on their significant other or spouse. And did you know many women keep their clothes on during sex? Relationship expert Diana Falzone has all the details.