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The Alyona Show: Who wears the pants in the White House

Walter Rodgers, former CNN International Correspondent joins Alyona live in studio to discuss whether European nations need to invest more resources into the NATO alliance, as Secretary of Defense Robert Gates has stated.

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Later, John Amaya, Associate Director for Immigration at NLCR, the largest Hispanic civil rights group in the United States sits down with Alyona to discuss the relationship between immigration and crime in America.

Considered the largest and most powerful private military group in the world, Blackwater has gotten itself into deep legal troubles all over the world. RT Correspondent Lauren Lyster joins Alyona live in studio after returning from the Senate hearings into the Blackwater company, where they faced fierce opposition from American lawmakers.

And finally, Eric Holder, General David Patraeus and Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel are all influential people inside the White House, they're also all being accused of hindering US President Barack Obama's policy initiatives. Brian Beutler of Talking Points Memo, Brandon Arnold from CATO and J.P. Frare from The Washington Examiner sit down live with Alyona to discuss who holds the most influence and control inside the White House.