The Alyona Show: White House Scared of the Truth

Hillary Clinton announced that for the first time ever, the US is imposing sanctions against Iran based on human rights abuses. But we have to ask whether the US likes to pick and choose who to criticize for human rights violations, according to our political interests. Apparently, Obama signed an order on September 28th that sanctions eight Iranian officials who have been involved in "serious and sustained" human rights violations. On the other hand why did we just make a 60 billion dollar arms deal with Saudi Arabia, one of the most oppressive Muslim countries. Yet eight people in Iran are deemed worse than the rest? Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks said Saudi Arabia has terrible a civil rights problem but you don’t hear anything because the US has business interests there. In terms of Obama’s track record with civil liberties, Cenk said to the president, “Stop acting like Bush and we’ll stop comparing you to Bush.”

Then, the House approved legislation that would allow the US to seek trade sanctions against China and other nations, for manipulating their currencies to gain trade advantages. Lawmakers hope this could bring jobs back home but China quickly rejected the legislation. Some are now calling this the beginning of a currency war. Business Insider's Gregory White said that if this bill would allow more jobs in the US, China would lose way more jobs than the US would gain. White said that in the end this wouldn’t bring new jobs to the US instead it’s meant to gain the political support of the unemployed.

This week, an international cyber war game, Cyber Storm 3, is being staged by the Homeland Security Department where they will simulate a sophisticated hacker attack. While former intelligence director Mike McConnell has warned numerous times that the US is unprepared for a cyber attack and must overhaul its defenses, but critics say cyber warfare is an empty threat. RT producer Lucy Kafanov explained why it’s hard to see where potential threats could be coming from.

Next, astronomers from UC Santa Cruz have announced the discovery of a distant planet they say is capable of harboring water on its surface, which would potentially sustain life. One of the discoverers said that he believes the chances of life on Gliese 581g is 100 percent, but others have expressed caution noting that the planet's density, atmosphere, and composition are still uncertain. Space Entrepreneur Jeffrey Manber explained why this new planet is just right and could support life.

Then "texts from last night" co-founder talks about his hit site that shows all those dirty messages which lead to a night of debauchery. The website has become the go-to for some of the funniest, saddest, most ludicrous, and outright disgusting text messages out there. The text sender’s identity is concealed but there area codes are posted. Texts From Last Night Co-Founder Ben Bator said the site was started when they’re college friends would send them hilarious texts and he found it was a lot more fun to publicly shame them and put them on a blog.