The Alyona Show: Westboro: Terry Jones a Fraud, We’ll Burn Koran

The planning of a Koran burning by Pastor Terry Jones has led to the first casualty, as violence breaks out in Afghanistan. Even if Jones doesn’t go through with this, it seems like a lot of the damage has already been done. In a press release the Westboro Baptist Church announced they will burn the Koran and "doomed" American flag on 9/11, because Terry Jones, whom they call a false prophet, caved. Iraq vet and co-founder of Veterans for Rethinking Afghanistan, Jake Diliberto debates with Shirley Phelps-Roper, a member of the Westboro Baptist Church who explains why she believes the Koran should be burned and says this is a call for repentance. Diliberto makes clear that these people are a small isolated group and don not represent America or its troops as a whole.

Next, more information on the alleged ‘kill team’ made up of US soldiers in Afghanistan comes to light. One of the most serious accusations of war crimes to emerge from the war in Afghanistan; five soldiers have been accused of conspiracy and premeditated murder for being a part of a ‘kill team’ that blew up and shot Afghan civilians at random, and then collected their fingers as trophies. If these charges hold true and the five men are convicted, they face the death penalty or life in prison. Major Eric Montalvo, a military defense attorney representing one of the five soldiers describes the failures in the military system and the lack of supervision.

9/11 first responders are sick and dying from ailments they received while aiding others at ground zero. They are still waiting for the government to help them pay for medical expenses.
That’s not the only problem some are dealing with. Nine years later some are struggling with the rise in Islamophobia. Have Americans forgotten about the hundreds of Muslim-Americans that died on 9/11 and those that were first responders that day? Muslim-American first responder Rudina Odeh-Ramadan explains how these recent events have taken us a step back. She says the religion of Islam is not new but the awareness of it is.

And Comedian Seaton Smith brings you the most bizarre and funny stories of the week, we have everything from a fired up politician to Playboy offering a channel for the blind. Seaton shows you what dance moves scientists are claiming are the sexiest. Then, on the political front, there's a candidate out there who sounds like he’s getting ready to step into the WWE ring, while Obama, lacks any enthusiasm.