The Alyona Show: Was it the Taliban?

Brutal killings of six aid workers, including six American, in Afghanistan have left many to question if the Taliban are really to blame. The Taliban has taken responsibility, claiming that the aid workers were working to spread Christianity, but the Taliban doesn't usually attack aid workers. Tim Lynch from Free Range International in Jalalabad, Afghanistan explains that the manner the aid workers were killed is consistent with how the Taliban attacks. He also says he finds it very hard to believe an Afghan could have been responsible.

Stateside, California is one state that highlights just how large criminal justice system in the US is, with more than seven million adults and juveniles in jail, prison, or community custody. Jeffrey Ian Ross, a criminologist at the University of Baltimore explains the growing demand for law and order and increasing incarceration rates as compared to other countries. Why does the US show no merry to its prisoners?

On the other side of the country PFC Bradley Manning is being held in Quantico, VA where activists for and against his cause rallied outside the Marine base. Will WikiLeaks go down as the new Pentagon Papers? Bradley Manning and Julian Assange, they may be all over the news today, but how will this be looked at in the history books? Christopher Chambers, Georgetown University professor and author of the blog Nat Turner's Revenge, argued they will not be as heroic as you might think.

Afghan women are being portrayed as victims of war, but are they in fact more a victom of the American media? The latest issue of TIME Magazine portrays eighteen year old Aisha, an Afghan woman whose nose and ears were sliced off by her husband. Does the cover and story convince Americans that their country is fighting for a worthy cause or is this exploitation and just an excuse for TIME to boost its dwindling sales? Anushay Hossain, editor and founder of the blog ANUSHAY'S POINT says this is a real girl and real story. Hossain explained how over the course of the war the women’s agenda has gone down.

And finally, is porn going mainstream? An upcoming Hollywood film is using XXX websites to promote its release. The trailer for “Middle Men” has been seen more than thirty million times on porn websites and is the first major Hollywood movie to be advertised on pornographic websites. Will this be a new platform to advertise and does this mean porn is becoming more mainstream in america? Cris Clapp Logan, Director of Communications for Enough is Enough said porn content is becoming more normal but has a negative impact, while Lilit Marcus, editor of and co-founder and Editor of the website Save the Assistants says many people watch porn but it’s moving away from being seedy.