The Alyona Show: War without Blackwater?

 Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai threatened disbanding private security forces in Afghanistan by the end of the year. But is this hasn’t been the first time Karzai made such a threat, so is it just an empty one? Nathan Park, a contractor for Good Knight Security Services and the author of the blog Knights of Afghanistan, explains that Karzai is using this tactic to reinforce his position as president.

Then, since leaving the UN, John Bolton has done nothing but warmonger and spread fear, trying to convince people that war between Israel and Iran is imminent. Bolton has decided to place a deadline on his threats. Someone needs to take this man off the air, and stop allowing him to spread fear and ask for war.

Former Israeli soldier Eden Abergil posted pictures on Facebook posing next to tied-up Palestinian prisoners, leaving Palestinians outraged and has the Israeli army calling this shameful and repulsive behavior that doesn’t represent the Israel Defense Forces as a whole. Richard Hellman, president of the Middle East Research Center, argues that this isn’t Israel’s Abu Ghraib. Yousef Munayyer, the executive director of The Jerusalem Fund and The Palestine Center says this is much bigger than this one incident.

Later, the world's best selling cancer drug, Avastin, was said to extend the amount of time until the disease worsened by more than five months, but two new studies show that this isn't the case. An FDA panel voted to drop the endorsement for breast cancer treatment, but lawmakers have been referring to it as a government panel assigning a value to the days of a person's life. Ms. Middle America Jenny Churchill argues there are cases where people have had success with the drug and patients should decide whether or not to take it.

And, what if our prisons no longer had walls? What if prisoners were allowed to go back out into society and be monitored with electronic devices everywhere they went, saving billions of dollars? Mark Kleiman professor of Public Policy at the UCLA School of Public Affairs explains how letting prisoners out will reduce crime. He says the current system isn’t working and the first thing that needs to be done is to get control of the people who are under supervision and aren’t being supervised.

Finally, a new poll says that no more than 25 percent of Americans have confidence in either newspapers or television news. And maybe part of the reason is that they just found out that News Corp., controlled by Rupert Murdoch, donated a million dollars to the Republican Governors Association. Fair and balanced, really? And find out what kind of men are more likely to cheat. Sara Benincasa, radio host and Wonkette blogger weighs in.