The Alyona Show: War over?

If you watched the mainstream media on August 18, you would have thought the war was finally over. Seven-and-a-half years after the US invasion of Iraq, the last combat brigade has officially left the country, but is this anything more than a symbolic exit caught on film? Jon Soltz, co-founder and chair of, explains that the American government has been promoting this story, but it has to be careful. He describes what he sees unfolding and says a threat of force is a more successful tool than the use of force

Then, the Agenda Project has started a campaign called “F*ck Tea” -- a way to say that normal Americans won't put up with this radical group anymore. It was a way to put those Tea Baggers in their place, but if it was left up to Alyona she would have done things a little differently. Watch to find out how.

Google's CEO Eric Schmidt may have all young Internet users a little worried. He suggested that in the future, young people should just change their identities in order to escape their misspent youth that has been splashed all over the internet. RT Producer Lucy Kafanov says Google and other online companies need to be a lot more careful and with all of the personal information and personal photos that they have.

And, is someone eavesdropping on your cell phone call? Well it’s actually easier and less expensive to do than you may think. Find out how a hacker eavesdrops on cell phone conversations for only $1,500. Security researcher Chris Paget says anyone can do this and explains what you can do to protect your calls. Paget has created a cell phone station that allows him to trick your cell phone service provider and intercept even your encrypted cell phone calls to listen in.

Some Chicago residents claim that the city’s new gun ordinance makes it so difficult for prospective gun owners to meet all legal requirements that it's essentially like they were still banned. Could this wind up being another endless legal battle? Jim Hanson, retired special operations master sergeant and military blogger, says it’s not only the people in Chicago complaining.

Finally, a disturbing new poll shows that one in five Americans think President Obama is a Muslim, and these numbers have risen in the past year, meaning more people are either beginning to believe lies, or are simply, grossly misinformed. Find out some shocking statistics and see what it takes for Sara Benincasa to be embarrassed to be an American.