The Alyona Show: Wall Street in Washington

 Radio host Thom Hartmann joins Alyona from Portland, Oregon to discuss the news that some of Wall Street's biggest banks are pouring money into the GOP, hoping to dissuade the Democrats from continuing their push for financial reform. An Ivy League professor of foreign policy and author of "Uncertain Democracy," Lincoln Mitchell joins Alyona to break down the conflict between the United States, Russia and Georgia. Georgia has pledged to contribute a large number of troops to NATO in Afghanistan, hoping for lethal weaponry from the U.S., which is reluctant to do so under pressure from Moscow.

As international pressure heats up to place economic sanctions on Iran, the stakes are high at the United Nations. RT Correspondent Marina Portnaya speaks with Alyona from Manhattan to bring you the latest. And, as China continues to direct their state financed investment into large U.S. companies, many are questions the intentions of the People's Republic. Karl Sauvant from Columbia University, an expert on Foreign Direct Investment, joins Alyona to discuss the implications of Chinese investment into American companies.