The Alyona Show: US Pushes Sanctions

The UN Security Council began closed door consultations on a fourth round of sanctions against Iran over its controversial nuclear program.  At the same time, leaders from Iran, Turkey and Russia convened at a summit in Istanbul. What do we make of all the political theater? RT Correspondent Anastasia Churkina joins Alyona from our studio in New York to give us the details.

There's a mystery surrounding an Iranian scientist. Iran state TV showed video yesterday of Shahram Amiri, who said he had been abducted and taken to the United States. There are two videos on the web. Video played on Iran TV shows Amiri wearing headphones as he appeared to be talking into a web cam. The video was said to have been recorded on April 5 in Arizona. He claimed he was abducted by the US while in Saudi Arabia in 2009. Since the footage aired on Iranian TV, another video has surfaced, showing Amiri claiming he defected to the US and has not be tortured since arriving in America. So is Iran trying to cause problems for the US as it pushes for new sanctions at the UN. Or was he kidnapped by the CIA? Raymond McGovern Former CIA officer joins Alyona.

Then, today is the 43rd anniversary of the attack on the USS Liberty. It was a deadly two hour assault by Israeli forces on the US ship, which killed 34 Americans, and yet there are few who speak about this day. RT Correspondent Jihan Hafiz joins Alyona with the story.

Later, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is considering going himself on a ship to Gaza, possibly accompanied by the Turkish Navy. If a head of state does take to the waters, what should we expect? Here to discuss it with Alyona is Sana Saeed, a political blogger, and Daniel Pollak, co-director of government relations for ZOA National.

Finally, as 12 states prepare us for November with primaries today, a new Washington Post and ABC poll gives a grim outlook for incumbents. The poll says that only 29 percent of Americans support their current representatives, that attitudes towards the Tea Party are changing in a negative way, and that 6 in 10 voters think negatively of Republicans. So the people don't like their current leaders, but at a time like this, can anyone different can really break through into the US political system. Here to discuss with Alyona is comedian Seaton Smith.