The Alyona Show: US Must Adjust to Emerging Powers

Today kicks off the first official day of the UN General Assembly where world leaders took stage to both complain and compliment other countries. Amongst the leaders speaking was Presidents Obama and Ahmadinejad. RT correspondent Lauren Lyster explained that Ahmadinejad spent his time criticizing the UN Security Council. The other hot topic was China which is now emerging as a greater player in international affairs.

Then, we debated how much of a threat Iran really poses to the world. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is making a big splash in New York this week at the UN General Assembly and conversation has of course, turned to Iran being a nuclear threat. Could the ‘Iranian threat” be a distraction from the real problems in the Middle East, including the US relationship with both Israel and Saudi Arabia, which for some reason became taboo to discuss? Attorney Jordan Sekulow, the Director of International Operations for the American Center for Law and Justice argued that Iran is a threat to the US. While Scott Horton, Host of Antiwar Radio and Assistant Editor at, explained why Iran would never risk attacking.

Next, we'll introduce you to Lady al-Qaeda, a woman who has never been responsible for a terror attack, but is serving 86 years in prison for attempted murder.

The highly anticipated, "Pledge to America” has been revealed that gives a blueprint for the midterm elections, and the 2010 version of Newt Gingrich's 1994, "Contract with America". They are calling it a new governing agenda built on the priorities of our nation, the principles we stand for, and America's founding values. this is a new concept? Guess you have to ask the Republican lawmakers that have been ignoring those priorities for so long. Associate Editor of Commentary for the Washington Examiner, J.P. Freire said this pledge doesn’t matter because politicians lie. He explained how it offers nothing new or exciting, and isn’t what the public wants or needs right now.

And, is America no longer the land of opportunity? With unemployment at a high, more Americans are opting to move to other countries. RT correspondent Priya Sridhar traveled to India where many Americans have found the new land opportunity. She explained that Indians feel proud that so many people from around the world want to come to their country for jobs.