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The Alyona Show: US Media Invades Pakistan

US President Barack Obama has pledged $50 million to reverse anti-American sentiments inside Pakistan. The money will go towards media outlets inside Pakistan to raise awareness of U.S. funded projects intended for the betterment of the Pakistani people. Anushay Hossain from joins Alyona live to discuss.

Then, Todd Harrison of the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments joins Alyona to discuss the massive amounts of American aid dollars funneling into Afghanistan.  Are they reaching the intended destinations?

And, President Obama has attempted to stem the housing crisis in America through the Home Affordable Modification Program, giving incentives to banks to lower the interest rates on mortgage payments. Many believe this system is not getting at the root of the problem, declining housing prices and mortgages exceeding those property values. Bankruptcy lawyer Brett Weiss is live in studio with Alyona to break it all down.

Finally, the willingness of Americans to strike has dropped drastically since the early 1980s, yet Europeans still have a knack for initiating work stoppages when they’re upset. Michael Moynihan from Reason Magazine joins Alyona live to dissect the differences between Europe and America when it comes to labor strikes.