The Alyona Show: Underfunded vets

 New Yorkers say they have bigger problems than the proposed Islamic community center near Ground Zero. RT Correspondent Marina Portnaya explains the real problems New Yorkers are facing in the midst of this headed debate. 

Then, US Vice President Joe Biden touted the military’s success in front of a Veterans of Foreign Wars convention, but there are many things that he isn't talking about. Does it show a gross lack of respect for these men and women who risked their lives abroad? Adam Kokesh radio host and Iraq war veteran, explains that cutting costs for veterans services is just part of an underfunded bureaucracy. Kokesh says that declaring the war is over is just staged propaganda.

And, why are Jewish voters turning against the Democratic president? Many say it's because of his so-called hard stance on Israel and all the time he has spent on improving Washington's relationship with the Muslim world. Jeff Berkowitz, former Bush Liaison to the Jewish community, says it’s important to look at how Obama treats Israel. He says the administration has gone out of its way to push Israel away.

Then, Juggalos: Who are they and are they really violent? Their most recent music festival made headlines when Tila Tequila and Method Man both became victims of the juggalos. Crowds reportedly threw everything from rocks, to full beer cans, to human feces at the performers. Joe Loar, who has been around juggalos for more than10 years and owns the social networking website MyJuggaloSpace, says they’re a group of individuals who share the same love of music. Despite the violent lyrics, he says the music murders for them.

Finally, your zip code can change the future of your child’s education. You have to live in the right area to go to good public schools and in many places, the chance for a better education at a charter school is left up to a lottery. The documentary “The Lottery” follows four families hoping to win a spot in the Harlem Success Academy, but out of thousands, six out of seven don't make it in. Eric Roachford’s son is featured in the documentary explains the better life he wants for this son and the struggle his family faces.