The Alyona Show: UN Takes on Israel

 The United States and Brazil are having a serious disagreement over Iran’s nuclear program. Meanwhile the US is expanding its secret military actions in the country. And things are heating up in the Korean peninsula. Lauren discusses with Lawrence Wilkerson, former chief of staff to Colin Powell.

Is the United States headed for a double-dip recession? It's something analysts are terrified about and say the government is too. And here's a frightening figure......the US money supply is plunging at a rate that matches the decline seen from 1929 to 1933...the period better known as the Great Depression. But how much do these complicated monetary figures combining a broad range of bank accounts known as the "M3" really figure in? Lauren discusses with Greg White from the Business Insider.

Then, the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty Review Conference is ending with an agreement that all 189 countries have unanimously agreed on. But is this a good deal, or a bad one? And what kind of deal would appeal to both the US and Iran? Lauren gets the facts from RT Correspondent Marina Portnaya.

Later, this weekend is Memorial Day weekend. And it is also the weekend of the new Black Panther party's convention. The party claims it's been attacked by the right-wing media and embroiled in a battle with lawmakers and the department of justice over a voter intimidations scandal, but says it continues to grow and expand. Lauren discusses with Georgetown University Professor Christopher Chambers.

Finally, from a female politician’s affair, to continuing insanity with Arizona, Lauren Lyster discusses the week’s top stories with former RNC communications director Liz Mair.