The Alyona Show: Too old to download

US President Barack Obama held a closed-door meeting recently to discuss cybersecurity. Billions of dollars are already going to cyberwar contracts and a new Cybercommand Office is being established. Will we soon be calling cyber war the next frontier, or could this just be an excuse for lawmakers to pass more legislation that strips away at your privacy? RT producer Lucy Kafanov joins Alyona to explain how older lawmakers may not understand new technologies, or even how to e-mail, but they are familiar with defense and security. Kafanov also explains how the US is building up cyber-defense structures, making us look like the bully.

Then, the new plan in Afghanistan under General David Petraeus hinges on using government-formed, government-paid, government-uniformed local police units. The Pentagon wants to make sure not to use the word militias, but these local police units just happen to be outside of the Afghan army and police's influence. Alyona says the new plan sounds like General Petraeus is using similar tactics to those he used in Iraq and she discusses the effectiveness of this plan with Joshua Foust, military intelligence analyst.

A group of American Indian lacrosse players from the Iroquois Nation were denied entry into the UK for a lacrosse tournament until the State Department intervened because the players only carry passports issued by their tribal federation, which the UK would not accept. While the British and US travel authorities say the team being detained should come as no surprise, the team thinks their passports should be recognized as they are not United States citizens and vigorously assert their sovereignty from the US. The Alyona Show talks to Drew Bucktooth, one of the team members, to ask why they don't want a standard US passport? Can the Iroquois continue to fight for their independence in a changing world?

And, wome people are claiming illegal immigrants are stealing jobs from Americans, but Alyona if Americans really want to do those jobs. RT LA producer Ramon Galindo says that only three people took the offer from "Take Our Jobs Campaign."

Then, ‘i-dosing’ is the new digital way to get high by listening to mp3s that can induce a state of ecstasy. These mp3s are a droning noise that you can listen to through headphones while relaxing. Parents in an Oklahoma school district have already received notes from teachers and principals warning them about the danger of this digital drug. Alyona asks if digital technology has really met the scandalous underground world of narcotics and puts it to the test.

Finally, more and more women these days are watching porn online. But does that make them sluts? A new study finds that one in six women are caught up in watching porn and are becoming more open about it. Some claim that women who watch porn are more susceptible to rape. Alyona debates with Cris Clapp Logan, Director of Communications and Congressional Relations for Enough is Enough and from our LA studio, sex educator and sex toy expert Jenn Ramsey. Is the typical woman who watches pornography really inviting non-consensual sex?