The Alyona Show: Time for Action in Border Deaths

The outrage continues to grow over the death of a 15-year-old Mexican boy who was fatally shot by US border patrol agents. One border patrol agent claims that he shot the boy while surrounded by rock-throwing suspects, but a new cell phone video of the event seems to prove otherwise. The boy’s body was found on the Mexican side of the border, but there is still debate as to what side of the border the agent was on when he fired the gun. While the investigation is underway, perhaps one of the more alarming aspects of this story is that shortly after the shooting, there was what has been described as a standoff between Mexican police and the US border patrol. How much worse will the tensions get as the number of killings on the border continues to rise? Alyona talks to Ron Gochez, schoolteacher and community activist.

The case of Ronnie Gardner, a death row inmate in Utah who asked to be killed by a firing squad, has been making headlines across the country. Utah and Oklahoma are the only two states in the country that still allow this option, and the last firing squad execution in Utah took place in 1996. Gardner's attorney argued an appeal of the case, but the details of the execution, if it happens, have already been released, including an observation room where the warden will draw the curtains, a moment for the prisoner’s last words, and a blank bullet, so that those on the firing squad standing 25 feet away will not know who fired the fatal shot. But does that make it any more humane? Or can it make this man look like he died with honor? Alyona discusses the situation with Richard Dieter, the Executive Director of the Death Penalty Information Center, and James Poulos, managing editor of Ricochet.

Then, protestors headed towards the US Capitol to make their voices heard when it comes to American policies towards Israel and the response to the recent raid of a flotilla headed towards Gaza. However, the politicians and the US media seem to be worlds apart from what this group and the rest of the world are demanding. RT Correspondent Lauren Lyster joins Alyona with the story.

Later, the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has been going on for 52 days now. Federal estimates place the total amount of oil spilled between 23.7 million and 51.5 million gallons, the worst oil spill in the nation's history. But did you know that more oil is spilled every single year in the Niger Delta....and yet no one bothers to talk about it? According to Nigerian federal government figures, there were more than 7,000 spills between 1970 and 2000, and there are 2,000 official major spillage sites, many going back decades, with thousands of smaller ones still waiting to be cleared up. And these spills are also thanks mostly to American and British oil companies. So why does no one pay attention to those disasters? Alyona talks to photojournalist and filmmaker Ed Kashi, who has spent time in the Niger Delta, about what the damage and devastation is like there.

Finally, there are some serious gems coming out in today's political news. And not just Sarah Palin's breasts. In fact, one publishing company is placing warning labels on copies of the US Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and other historic documents. We also have Republicans failing miserably at bringing "young guns" into their party. Apparently, they think the over 50 crowd is still considered young. And, California may have just gotten rid of political parties. Joining Alyona from New York to discuss all of this is Elon James White, editor of "This Week in Blackness."