The Alyona Show: The Unemployed Union

There's a new kind of union in the United States. Rick Sloan, the acting director of UCubed, America's first union for the unemployed, joins Alyona live in studio to discuss the organizations objectives and policies.

New York Governor David Paterson has announced he will not run for a full term in this fall's elections. After a week of controversy surrounding one of his closest aides and wrongdoing by the state police department, Paterson’s political career is now on life support. RT Correspondent Anastasia Churkina is live from New York City with the latest.

Later, resident media guru Joel Silberman joins Alyona live in studio to discuss revelations that many of America’s largest media outlets interview and employ government lobbyists.  Should these networks inform their viewers when a conflict of interest arises during on-air conversation?

And finally, as the difference between American and European interests grow larger, particularly on the military front, many are wondering how NATO will proceed with it’s new strategic review. Will the organization that was founded on collective response and deterrence collectively agree on a new strategy, or will differences prevail, leaving NATO in a rut?