The Alyona Show: The Tea Party's Last Stand

 David Wood of Politics Daily, a 30 year war correspondent, recently wrote a riveting piece on the drug addiction problems of Afghan police recruits and the conflict that presents as they attempt to stop the drug trade in their country. He’s in studio with Alyona to give a firsthand account on the problem for police recruits and what the Obama administration can do to thwart the issue.

As Congress gets set to pass sweeping healthcare reform in the coming days, the Tea Party group staged one last protest on Capitol Hill.  Tea Partiers have been some of the most vocal opponents of health care reform, and the upcoming vote hasn't stopped them from voicing their displeasure in a big way. RT Correspondent Kristine Frazao was at the latest protests and spoke with Alyona about what went down.

Then, a group of conservative Christians called the Liberty Council has started a program called “adopt a liberal.” The idea is to pray for liberal national leaders who they believe need help. Matthew Staver, the founder and chairman of the Liberty Council, joins Alyona to discuss the program.

Later, the disparity between rich and poor Americans is growing at an alarming rate.  Although the economy tanked in 2009 and unemployment is stuck at around 10 percent, America saw a 16 percent increase in the number of new millionaires. Radio host Thom Hartmann discusses the problems and origins of extreme economic disparity in the United States.

Finally, the push to bring Supreme Court cases to live television audiences is growing stronger among free speech advocates. Does America want an all-access pass into the land's highest court? How would this affect the justices and cases involved? Resident media expert Joel Silberman gives his one-of-a-kind take on the issue.