The Alyona Show: The Superpower vs. The Middle Kingdom

 In the first segment of today's program, Stephen Yates of the Asia Advisory drops by to analyze the current state of affairs between the United States and China. Then, RT Correspondent Anatasia Churkina joins in from New York to discuss former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson's new book, "On the Brink". Former CNN International correspondent Walter Rodgers begins the second half of today's show sitting down with Alyona to discuss the long awaited Quadrennial Defense Review. Then, in a story getting significantly more press in the Middle East, Fadi Elsalameen of The Palestine Note, speaks with Alyona about a congressional push to inflict financial harm on Arab media outlets operating outside the United States. Finishing the show is Eric Roston, author of "The Carbon Age", to discuss the merits of geoengineering. Considered an extremely progressive approach to combat climate change, geoengineering is controversial inside both the science and political worlds.