The Alyona Show: The President's Pitch

In today's program, Alyona is joined by Katrina Vanden Heuvel, Editor-in-Chief of The Nation, to discuss President Barack Obama's state of the union speech. Then, journalist Scott Rensberger sits down with Alyona, after returning from Haiti only a few days ago. He brings with him a first hand account from the scene in Haiti, along with exclusive photography from the grief stricken island. Later, Joel Silbermann joins Alyona to break down the implications of the Supreme Court's decision to bar limits on corporate spending to political campaigns. To finish the show, Richard Weitz and Tim Fernholz sit down with Alyona to discuss the latest on Afghanistan. As the world's leaders gather in London to review Afghanistan, Weitz and Fernholz bring you all the information you need from across the pond.