The Alyona Show: The Myth of Economic Recovery

Is anyone buying Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner’s optimism? Geithner says recovery is underway, but is he really looking at the same picture we are? Is the US economy really in a recovery, can people feel positive effects or has this recovery come to a startling halt? The Atlantic's Derek Thompson says he isn’t buying Geithner’s optimism.

Then, do terror suspects in the US deserve Miranda rights? A new bill would allow authorities to delay reading Miranda warnings “for as long as is necessary,” allowing a suspected terrorist to be questioned for up to four days. And find out why the ACLU and CCR have filed for a lawsuit against Timothy Geithner and the Treasury Department. Salon’s Glenn Greenwald explains that now President Obama is in the White House, he thinks he can be trusted with limitless power.

Pamela Geller from “Stop Islamization of America” says it’s not religious tolerance to build a mosque overlooking Ground Zero. New York City gave final approval for building the so-called “Ground Zero Mosque" two blocks from the site of the 9/11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center. Geller claims these issues aren’t about Muslims and Islam. Lauren questions statements made on her blog, such as a claim Hitler was inspired by Islam. Lauren also calls out Geller for a cartoon picture of the Prophet Muhammad previously posted on her website, which she claims she can show as freedom of speech.

Then, the increasing violent and dangerous region along the Mexico-Arizona border is all a lie according to Santa Cruz County, Arizona is Sheriff Antonio Estrada. Republican Senators have claimed increasing violence along the border due to illegal immigration, but Sheriff Estrada tells Lauren what it’s really like on the ground.

And, Nevada Republican Senate Candidate Sharron Angle has been hiding from the media in her home state. So far she has spoken only to Fox News and several conservative radio shows. Watch Sharon Angle’s response when she was asked about her lack of media interviews. Lauren says Angle should not be pushing her website or agenda, but focusing on asking the right questions and holding politicians or anyone else accountable for their actions.

Finally, you don’t see this every day: President Obama signed into law the Fair Sentencing Act relaxing sentences for drug crimes. This will narrow the disparity between sentences for crimes involving crack cocaine and powder cocaine. As President Obama loosens one drug policy, the Senate is advancing a bill that would toughen the penalty for pot brownies. Aaron Houston, the executive director of Students for Sensible Drug Policy says the demand for marijuana is fueling the drug wars. Bishop Allen President of International Faith Based Coalition debates legalizing and drug addiction with Houston.