The Alyona Show: The Israeli Lobby takes on DC

 Once a year, AIPAC, the massive pro-Israel lobby holds a three-day event that brings together political and activist leaders from both the US and Israel who are working to ensure the security of the Jewish state. Tensions are unusually high this year after a number of diplomatic spats on the part of Benjamin Netanyahu’s coalition government. Former CNN Correspondent Walter Rodgers, who spent part of his career in Jerusalem, is in studio with Alyona to discuss the day’s events at the AIPAC conference.

His name is Adam Kokesh and he’s running for Congress in New Mexico. A Republican candidate and a veteran of the Iraq war who opposes the American presence there, Kokesh is worrying many on the right and he’s live with Alyona via skype.

Then, the paparazzi have a reputation for being relentless in obtaining any and all information linked to celebrities. So, we were wondering, what would happen if the paparazzi came to Washington and treated politicians like celebrities? Media guru Joel Silberman is with Alyona to discuss the possibilities.

Finally, as US President Barack Obama checks healthcare reform off his list, the overwhelming consensus in Washington is that immigration reform will be the next challenge. What does quality American immigration reform look like? Can the president pull off another large-scale victory? Gabriel Arana of the American Prospect, John Wahala from the Center for Immigration Studies and David Thurston of Casa de Maryland join Alyona in a fascinating and knowledgeable discussion on the next great fight in American politics.