The Alyona Show: The Government Wants Your DNA

The UK's new defense minister, Liam Fox, has just caused a stir. On a trip to Kabul, he announced that he wants to speed up the withdrawal of British troops from Afghanistan, and said that Britain does not want to play the role of global policeman. On top of that, he's now said that the British goal in Afghanistan was not humanitarian, but rather military, saying "We are there so the people of Britain and our global interests are not threatened." That's quite a departure from the position of the last British defense minister. So what do we make of this mixed messaging? Alyona discusses with Sally McNamara, senior policy analyst at the Heritage Foundation.

Last week, in a very quiet vote, the US House of Representatives approved legislation that will pay state governments to require DNA samples, which could mean drawing blood with a needle, from adults arrested for certain serious crimes. Keep in mind, not a single Democrat voted against the bill, and it all went down without much of a fuss from the media. But if we look at the details, should we be up in arms that the government wants to take your DNA before you're convicted of any crime? Is this big brother getting much, much bigger? Alyona discusses with Declan McCullagh, a correspondent for C-NET News.

Then, the right to bear arms is a right many Americans hold dear. In fact, it's one that the town of Kennesaw, Georgia, has made a requirement. RT Correspondent Lauren Lyster fills Alyona in on her trip there.

Finally, we continue our discussion of the differences in America. Kennesaw, Georgia was just one example of a town where people don't feel represented by mainstream culture. But we now see these feelings being vocalized by people all across the country, and we see it in action.
Arizona's ban on ethnic studies and Texas' new changes to history books. Some people say they are tired of the liberal bias that's been taught to their children for decades, but is this more of a radical reaction than a logical step? Alyona and Jenny Churchill discuss.