The Alyona Show: The Deadliest Place in Afghanistan

 “Restrepo,” a new documentary, takes place in the Korengal Valley, one of the most remote and dangerous places in Afghanistan. A 15-man outpost was named Restrepo after a medic who was killed in action. Director Tim Hetherington joins Alyona to talk about his experience living and filming American soldiers in the outpost Restrepo.

Then, in response to the Rolling Stone article that ended General Stanley McChrystal’s career, Defense Secretary Robert Gates issued an order requiring all contact between Defense Department personnel and the media to be approved in advance. Nathan Park, a contractor for Good Knight Security Services and the author of the blog Knights of Afghanistan weighs in. Alyona first asks him if he thought this order sets a dangerous precedent.

Later, Russia and the US are in talks to swap the alleged agents detained in the US for western agents being held in Russia. Russian and US authorities have not commented on a modern day spy swap, but the allegations are coming from lawyers for Igor Sutyagin, jailed in Russia for spying for the CIA. So how do spy swaps really work? Alyona asks, former CIA analyst Ray McGovern and Brent Budowsky, a columnist for The Hill to get their perspectives and their memories of the spy swaps of the past.

And, US President Barack Obama calls for pushing ahead with free trade deals with Panama, Colombia, and South Korea, promising to double US exports over the next five years. He also singled out China as a key market where American firms would like to sell, and called for a level playing field there for US companies. But what about China's Generation Y? Approximately 200 million individuals born between 1980 and 1989 are internet savvy, and mobilizing for workers rights for fairer wages. Alyona asks Michael Stanat, author of China’s Generation Y: Understanding the Future Leaders of the World’s Next Superpower, how this generation will affect the US?

Finally, find out how Facebook can encourage more couples to divorce. A new study says divorce is contagious, and another study released says women are addicted to Facebook. Alyona asks relationship expert Diana Falzone how social media can come in the middle of your relationship.